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About Haematuria and the Haematuria Clinic

Haematuria is presence of blood in the urine. Haematuria can be caused by infections, stones and other conditions that result in inflammation of the urinary system. A less common cause of haematuria is cancer of the kidney, ureter, bladder, or prostate for men.

Haematuria can be visible to the naked eye (macroscopic haematuria) or not visible (microscopic haematuria). Microscopic haematuria is usually detected by testing the urine.

The Haematuria Clinic is a partnership with OneSixOne Urology.

The main goal of the Haematuria Clinic is to exclude potentially serious causes of blood in the urine (eg. bladder cancer). We may also detect other less serious causes (eg. kidney stones) or the tests may be clear and simply provide reassurance.

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