Frequently asked questions

What is happening at Mercy Hospital?

Mercy Hospital prides itself on the quality of care and services it provides and will continue to grow and evolve in order to continue delivering world class care, keep up with technological advances and meet increased patient demand.

To future proof our hospital and services, Mercy Hospital is undergoing a significant transformation.  Over the next three years the Epsom site will be redeveloped to include a new hospital wing and upgrades to the grounds and existing buildings, to deliver seamless, high-quality health services to patients at the Mercy Hospital site.

Together, these will create a campus designed to meet the needs of patients, specialists, visitors and staff, with the ability to grow in line with future needs.

We are engaging with our patients, specialists, tenants, neighbours, nearby schools and the wider community to keep everyone informed, take feedback onboard and do our best to reduce disruptions.


What are the key elements of the site transformation?

  • The main entrance is now further along Mountain Road (closer to Almorah Road) with direct access to dedicated patient parking up the ramp of the new car parking building. 
  • The main reception has also moved, and is now just a short walk from the car parking building.
  • Work will also be undertaken to widen the Auckland Radiology Oncology (ARO) driveway that leads to  Almorah Rd.  Once completed, this road will mainly be used for emergency vehicles, eg, ambulance and fire engines.
  • The closing of Gate 1 at 94 Mountain Road (previously the hospital’s main entrance), will provide a   safe zone while work is undertaken to deconstruct of one of our older buildings, the Stella Maris Building. 
  • Site excavation will begin in September 2021, followed by piling work which will take place towards the end of the year, preceding the main construction work which will get underway in early 2022.  
  • The main construction phase of the project is expected to start in March 2022 and be completed for opening in late 2024.

As with any building project of this scale, timelines need to be flexible, but we will be communicating regularly with affected parties to ensure there are ‘no surprises’.


What services will be located in the new building?

The new hospital wing will contain a suite of operating theatres, an intensive care unit supported by new high-dependency care beds, and a ward with 24 single patient bedrooms and 2 double-bedded rooms.

Additional upgrades of existing buildings and grounds will complement the new wing and deliver a high- quality experience for patients, visitors and staff.


Will patients and services be affected during the redevelopment phase?

Mercy Hospital will continue to function throughout the redevelopment and we will ensure we keep patients informed. We will be working closely with all specialist and treatment services to schedule appointments and procedures in a way that lessens the impact for patients.


Project Timeline


What will the building look like?

Artist impression of the building from Mountain Road


Artist impression of the proposed building from the current ARO driveway, off Almorah Road entrance.

Proposed footprint of the new building.


Will there be much disruption to the hospital and neighbours?

We have identified what disruptions are likely and how we aim to reduce the impacts for those affected. The impact will vary during different phases of the project so we will be engaging with patients, specialists, tenants and neighbours to discuss their concerns and minimise the impacts throughout the various phases of the project.


Possible impacts and mitigations

A traffic management plan will be developed in line with our resource consent conditions. This includes limits to truck movements during peak traffic hours and managing traffic during school pedestrian commute times.

There may be some noise and vibration during different phases of the project, but we expect these to be contained largely within the site and stay within the stated restrictions during work hours of Monday to Saturday, between 7.30am – 6pm. Outside of these times, only low level noise generating activities are permitted.

In addition to the conditions outlined above, we are adopting a raft of mitigation measures, including physical hoardings, barriers, equipment selection etc.

We welcome feedback and want to work together to find solutions that work for everyone.


Will the building interfere with people’s view of Mt Eden / Maungawhau?

No. The new building is under the 9m maximum height restriction and has been designed so that it doesn’t impact on the skyline and views of Mt Eden / Maungawhau. It has been designed to sit within the silhouette of the existing hospital buildings. The design has carefully considered planning requirements, volcanic view shafts and the requirements of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

The TÅ«puna Maunga Authority have been advised of the redevelopment plans and the proposed design.


What about trees and landscaping?

A comprehensive landscaping plan has been developed which will emphasise the use of native trees, shrubs and plants to complement the new site and natural environment. A number of exotic trees will be removed as part of the early work.


Further information and contact details

Don’t hesitate to email the project team, or give them a call, if you have any questions or concerns. You can find further detail in the attached information, and online at

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