Continuing Professional development for GPs and other Primary Care referrers

We’re extremely proud to be active supporters of primary care through our work with specialists to provide ongoing MercyAscot Education (CME) sessions, and through our sponsorship of Goodfellow Symposium.

The Goodfellow Symposium is designed to meet all General Practitioners' educational requirements in one setting. Past symposiums have been very successful, attracting over 800 GPs, predominantly from the Auckland region.

MercyAscot’s programme of CME Sessions is designed to complement the Goodfellow Symposium and provides General Practitioners with clinically relevant and practical education, harnessing the expertise and interests of the specialists working with us.

Upcoming events

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Goodfellow Symposium 2021

This year’s Goodfellow Symposium was a virtual conference that took place on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March and with over 700 registered delegates, it was deemed to be another roaring success.  The two-day virtual event was packed with updates and refreshers for all primary care professionals. Developed specifically for GPs, urgent care physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and registrars, the conference aims to provide practical ‘Skills for Monday’ for use in everyday clinical setting and advice on when to appropriately refer patients onto specialist care.

The programme featured an exciting line-up, with a dedicated MercyAscot session stream featuring 13 of our world-class surgeons. We are once again privileged to have many of these exceptional Specialists work at MercyAscot. A huge thank you to these surgeons for taking time from their busy schedules to educate their colleagues.


  • Ashish Taneja - Acute Appendicitis: Where are we at now?
  • Andrew Williams and Andrew Lienert - Urinary Tract Infections from Pyelonephritis to Balanitis - what do you need to know?
  • Patrick Schweder - The ageing spine - what helps?
  • Grand Beban and Nicholas Evennett - Bariatric surgery: The right fit (Bariatric Essentials - patient selection criteria and post-surgery management)
  • Rajan Patel - Neck Lumps: What is normal and what is not
  • Suren Senthi - Common foot and ankle conditions
  • Muammar Abu-Serriah - What is that in my mouth, doctor? Identifying oral lesions and how to manage them
  • Kim Gear - Vaping - The Trojan Horse - Fact vs Fiction
  • Jacob Munro and Paul Monk - Cartilage problems across the ages
  • Indran Ramanathan - Screening Two Killers with One Scan: The World Premiere of Combined Lung Cancer Screening and Coronary Calcium Scoring with Low-Dose CT