20 January

Shoulder pain: Not always what it seems


The shoulder is a common source of pain and functional disability. It is is the third most common musculoskeletal complaint in the general population, and accounts for approximately 5% of musculoskeletal consultations to GP’s.

24 September

Prostates, PSA’s and peeing problems - in support of Blue September

Dr Andrew Williams (consultant urologist) together with Dr Remy Lim (consultant radiologist), will discuss new trends in prostate cancer investigation and management, what are the recommendations for PSA testing and who should be referred for further investigation.

24 September

Management of first aid dental and other common oral conditions

Dr Muammar Abu-Serriah, an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon will present on how to manage first aid dental and maxillofacial problems, and some of the complications that could arise, such as traumatic tooth loss (avulsed tooth), gingivitis, infection, dry socket.

24 September

Video - Neck lumps, head and neck cancers and the role of HPV

In this webinar Mr Rajan Patel, a consultant Head and Neck surgeon at Auckland Head & Neck Surgery, MercyAscot Head and Neck Service, presented this webinar on assessing and managing neck lumps, red flags for head and neck cancers and the role of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in this setting.

17 July

Malignant Ulcer of the mouth – What you need to know

Dr Muammar Abu-Serriah, Oral, Maxillofacial Head & Neck Surgeon explains the signs and symptoms of mouth ulcers and when it is necessary to refer.

16 July

What is sialadenitis?


Dysfunction of the major salivary glands is common and causes significant morbidity when present.

11 July

Head and Neck Cancer: role of clinical nurse specialist & dietitian

Patients having treatment for head and neck cancer have increased nutritional requirements, especially to aid wound healing.

11 July

Neck Lumps: How not to miss neck cancer

Head and neck carcinoma is on the rise and is now the fifth most common cancer worldwide. In New Zealand between 2000 and 2010....

4 March

Goodfellow Symposium 2019 - MercyAscot speakers

Get to know our MercyAscot speakers and their topics. Where available please click on their links to see speaker bios and topic synopsis.

30 May

GP Newsletter - December 2017

30 May

MercyAscot's and Auckland Central Women’s Clinic FREE ‘Gynaecology Care Update' CME event

MercyAscot Education Session
Last days to RSVP for MercyAscot's and Auckland Central Women’s Clinic FREE ‘Gynaecology Care Update' CME event Monday June 25.