Shoulder pain: Not always what it seems


The shoulder is a common source of pain and functional disability. It is is the third most common musculoskeletal complaint in the general population, and accounts for approximately 5% of musculoskeletal consultations to GP’s.

Diagnosis and management of shoulder pain can be particularly challenging, due largely to the similarity of presentation across conditions, often a delay in presentation, and the presence of co-existing pathologies.

During this webinar Orthopedic Surgeon Craig Ball will provide a practical framework to identify, assess and manage common causes of shoulder pain.

  • Reviewing relevant shoulder anatomy as a framework for diagnosis
  • Assessment of the painful shoulder - key history and examination points
  • The role of imaging studies - Xray, USS and MRI
  • Common painful shoulder conditions and their management
  • Treatment in the primary care setting and when to consider a surgical referral

During this online event you will have the opportunity to type questions to Craig using the onscreen text system. Please note that the webinar may run slightly over time so as many of your questions as possible can be answered.

This webinar was made in collaboration with the Goodfellow Unit. The original webnar page can be found here