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Programme Day 1 (Saturday 28 March 2020)
from 07.00 Registration
09.35-10.25  MercyAscot Beyond mesh – I have a mesh, should I be worried?
Eva Fong, Sum Sum Lo          
10.25-10.55 Morning Tea  
11.05-11.55 MercyAscot Benign prostate problems - beyond the basics
Simon Van Rij, Andrew Lienert, Jason Du          

What to do with those skin lesions - Rajan Patel          

Swollen leg - when and where to refer   Venu Bhamidi          

12.05-12.55  MercyAscot Acute appendicitis: Where are we at now?
Ashish Taneja          

Salivary pathology: stones, strictures, tumours and..frogs - Kevin Smith          

2.05-2.55     MercyAscot Bariatric essentials: Patient selection criteria and post-surgery management
Grant Beban, Nicholas Evennett, Emily McRae, Liz Goodall          
2.55-3.05 Changeover  
3.05-3.55  MercyAscot Cartliage problems across the ages (knees)
Jacob Munro, Duncan Ferguson, Paul Monk          

How to manage patients requesting a PSA - Simon Van Rij, Madhu Koya, Andrew Williams, Jason Du, Remy Lim          

3.55-4.30 Afternoon tea  
4.40-5.30  MercyAscot No sweat: treating hyperhidrosis and facial blushing
Indran Ramanathan          

UTIs: from pyelonephritis to balanitis - Andrew Williams, Madhu Koya, Andrew Lienert, Eva Fong          

 5.30-7.00 Networking with canapes and drinks


Programme Day 2 (Sunday 29 March 2020)
07.30-08.15 Breakfast sessions


08.30-09.25 Keynote presentation


09.35-10.25 MercyAscot Shoulder pain across the ages
Craig Ball
  Clinics The ageing spine: What helps - Patrick Schweder
10.25-10.55 Morning tea  
11.05-11.55 MercyAscot Inflammatory bowel disease: Optimising care
Maggie Chapman-Ow
  Clinics What is that in my mouth doctor? - Muammer Abu-Serriah
12.05-12.55 MercyAscot Brain Tumours- how serious are they?
Patrick Schweder
1.00-1.55 Lunch  
2.05-2.55 MercyAscot Vaping - the trojan horse: Fact vs fiction           
Kim Gear