Facial Fracture CliniC

All clinics are led by Muammar Abu-Serriah, (FRCS, PHD) who is Fellowship-trained in the management of advanced head and neck surgery
including complex cranio-facial fractures and reconstruction.

In partnership with Muammar Abu-Serriah and Mercy Radiology.

Have you ever wished there was a seamless way to refer your patients with suspected sub-acute facial and nasal bone fractures?

Our one-stop facial fracture clinic is for your ACC-covered patients with suspected sub-acute facial and nasal bone fractures.

why refer to us

Appropriate management of sub-acute facial fractures can be challenging. This is compounded by challenges in obtaining appropriate imaging, and getting your patients seen and managed in a timely manner.

We are committed to working with your patients with sub-acute facial and nasal bone fractures, in providing a one-stop approach to assessment and management. We understand the importance of timely and appropriate communication to those involved in the care and support of an injured patient, as an integral component of the delivery of high quality patient care. 

We are also committed to close communication with you 
as the referrer, to get the patient through their treatment and rehabilitation as efficiently as possible.

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EDI: aklheadn

Benefits to your patients

  • Comprehensive diagnostic service
    • State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging
    • Clinical assessment, explanation of imaging results and treatment planning
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team
    • Oral, Maxillofacial Head & Neck Surgeon, Neurosurgeon and Ophthalmologist

Patients seen by specialist within two weeks once swelling settles

What do we treat and how

Fractures treated at our clinics include:

  • Fracture of orbital floor, walls, orbital rims, blow-out and blow-in fractures
  • Zygaomatic bone fracture, fracture of the cheekbone often include zygomatico-orbital complex
  • Zygomatic arch fracture
  • Outer table frontal bone fracture
  • Full frontal sinus fracture/cranialisation or obliteration (frontal bone fracture that involves frontal sinus and inner


  • table which may need cranilisation of the frontal sinus)
  • Midface fracture (i.e. midface or craniofacial fractures or Le Fort I,II, III fractures)
  • Naso-ethmoid-orbital complex fracture (including associated telecanthus)
  • Nasal bone fracture
  • Isolated mandibular condyle fracture



Sound like one of your patients?

With us your patients’ care involves:

  • Co-ordinated specialist and high-tech imaging for sub-acute facial and nasal bone fractures
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Treatment plan


These require hospital referral:

  • Airway injury/compromise
  • Associated intracranial injury
  • Reduced or deteriorating conscious level
  • Mandible fracture that needs immediate admission
  • Active bleeding
  • Retrobulbar haemorrhage
  • Facial skin oral mucosal lacerations


Muammar Abu-Serriah

Specialty: Oral & Maxillofacial Head and Neck Surgeon

Areas of expertise: Head and Neck Surgery|Microsurgical Reconstructive Surgery|Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery