MercyAscot Prostate Clinic

A  dedicated streamlined fast-track diagnostic service delivered in partnership with Mercy Radiology and the Urology Institute

Have you ever wished there was a streamlined fast-track service for your patients with prostate-related symptoms?


why refer to us

The Prostate Clinic provide a seamless fast-track diagnostic service, removing the need for multiple appointments and eliminating delays in diagnosis.

Our multidisciplinary team is committed to working with your patients with prostate-related symptoms, providing a one-stop approach to assessment, management and a patient-centric treatment planning.

Our clinic offers an excellent standard of care and outstanding service to ensure efficient diagnosis, high-standard of treatment and care for your patients.

When to urgently refer directly to our Clinic:

If your patient experiences urinary problems with one or more of the following:

  • PSA greater than 4; and/or
  • Increasing PSA; and/or
  • DRE abnormal; and/or
  • Significant family history of prostate cancers

Refer a patient

Sound like one of your patients?
Refer them directly to us

09 623 0161

09 623 4161

Benefits to your patients

  • Fast-tracked comprehensive diagnostic service
    • Fast-tracked MRI
    • Fast-tracked biopsy if required
    • Clinical assessment, explanation of
      imaging results and patient-centric
      treatment planning
  • Multi-disciplinary team at every clinic
    • Fast-tracked Specialist access
    • Access to multidisciplinary team
      from diagnosis, treatment planning
      and support service
    • Urologist, Radiologist, Radiation
      Oncologist, Medical Oncologist,
      Physiotherapist, Sex Therapist,
      Nurse Specialist, Psychologist,



tHE Team


Simon van Rij

Specialty: Urology

Area of expertise: General Urology|Kidney Stones and Prevention|Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery - Prostate and Kidney Cancer|Laser Surgery/TURP

Madhu Koya

Specialty: Urology

Area of expertise: General Urology|Urological Oncology

Jason Du

Specialty: Urology

Area of expertise: BPH|Diagnostics and Management|Kidney Stones and Prevention|Laparoscopy|Relevant Assessment|Robotic Surgery|Urological Cancer|Urology

Eva Fong

Specialty: Urology

Area of expertise: Urology and Urogynaecology

Andrew Leinert

Specialty: Urology

Andrew Williams

Specialty: Urology

Area of expertise: Urological Oncology

Remy Lim

Specialty: Radiologist

Sum Sum Lo

Specialty: Urology