Tuvale Luggen - CSSD Manager

My Health career started when I worked at Auckland Hospital Sterile Supply Services for 6 years, starting in the role of Sterilising Assistant, then Sterilising Technician in 2005 following the completion of my Sterilising Technology Level 3. Shortly after, I secured a Supervisor position before being shoulder-tapped for a CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department) Team Leader role at MercyAscot in 2008. In 2013, I was appointed to the role of CSSD Manager for CSSD at both Mercy and Ascot Hospitals. In 2014 I reverted back to Mercy Hospital as the CSSD Team Leader and in 2018, I became the CSSD Manager for this site.

My role here at MercyAscot involves providing leadership and guidance to the CSSD Team, ensuring effective day-to-day service and delivery of sterile reusable medical devices to the operating rooms; and ensuring a timely, efficient and high-quality service to all customers. At MercyAscot I have been fortunate to have been involved in numerous projects such as Tenders for new sterilisers & washer disinfectors and Electronic instrument tracking system. Taking part in these projects has opened collaborative opportunities with various Department Leaders and allowed me to expand my skill-set further.

My Mercy CSSD family inspire me to do my job well and push for continuous development. Tactically, the training available at MercyAscot – particularly the Leadership programme, has continually increased my skillsets and value proposition in CSSD. The guidance and support I receive from my manager and the opportunities to partake in decision-making and involvement in projects have also contributed to my success. The culture at MercyAscot encourages cross-functional collaboration, which has given me the opportunity to apply an enterprise lense on my decision-making process. I have also had the opportunity to travel to many annual CSSD conferences including The World Congress. My development also extended to having my Advance Sterilising Technology Level 5 supported and fully funded by MercyAscot. This course has equipped me with advanced sterilising knowledge and the skills to use quality management processes, leadership, training and verification of others providing sterile services. I have a great sense of responsibility and care for my team who strive to deliver on our business objectives, day in and day out.