Michael Eris Elizalde - Theatre Coordinator

I finished a degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1998. Following some work in managing a Physical Therapy Clinic, I felt that I needed to do something else which provided a better opportunity to work abroad, therefore I decided to go into nursing. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2005, and joined Brokenshire Hospital, Davao City in the Philippines as a relief Registered Nurse. After starting a family, I looked at further opportunities for myself and my young family and ended up looking at migrating to New Zealand. I came across MercyAscot’s website whilst completing my papers for the Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) course for overseas Registered Nurses and saw a vacancy for theatre Registered Nurses. I applied for the role, had my interview whilst still in the Philippines, and 2 weeks after arriving in New Zealand I received my job offer.

I started working with MercyAscot in 2007 in Spines, General Surgery and Neurosurgery. I later became a key nurse for a couple of specialties. In 2010, an opportunity arose for an Orthopaedic Team Leader where I applied and was successful. In 2014, I was seconded into the Charge Nurse Manager’s role for General Surgery, and with the amalgamation of the Cardiac and General Surgery specialties, a permanent Charge Nurse Manager role was advertised to look after both specialties. This was a challenge that I thought I could take on with the right support, so once again I applied and was successful. In 2018, I have been seconded into a fixed-term Theatre Coordinator role due to the requirement for my manager to be involved in projects for the next 12 months.

My journey with MercyAscot has been really good. There are always opportunities, but what is important is that once you see these and you are up for it – give it a go! I was given these opportunities by my managers, past and present. I would not have been able to achieve and get to where I am now without my colleagues, Team Leaders and other managers. The support that I get from them is outstanding and gets me through my work. My vision is to pass the opportunities forward. MercyAscot has given me the support that is required to develop myself in the role that I am in. To be able to give it back, I strive to do my best in the role that I am in for our clients and for the team.