Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Insertion 

What is a PEG?

A Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) is the procedure where
a tube is inserted through the skin of your abdominal wall into your
stomach, to enable you to have liquid food.

Why are you having this procedure? 

A PEG is generally recommended for people who experience difficulties
with swallowing. Because of your difficulties with swallowing, your doctor
has asked us to place a percutaneous gastrostomy tube through the skin
of your abdominal wall into your stomach. You will be able to have liquid food
through this tube.


You will be asked not to have anything to eat or drink from midnight on the day of the procedure so that your stomach is empty.


Once in the Gastroenterology department you will be taken to the endoscopy room. Relaxing and pain-killing injections will be given to you, and although you will not be completely asleep during this procedure, these medications may make you forget what has happened.


You will be lying in bed on your left hand side and the doctor will pass a narrow flexible tube into you mouth. This tube is called an endoscope. You will be asked to swallow to help the endoscope pass over the back of the throat down in your stomach. You will be able to breathe normally during this procedure.

You will then be helped to turn on to your back. A guide wire is inserted through you skin into your stomach and withdrawn through your mouth with help from the endoscope. Over this guide wire the feeding tube is advance down int your stomach and pulled through your skin, so that it sits firmly in position on the outside of your abdomen.


You will need to stay over night in hospital following the procedure for antibiotic therapy and teaching about the feeding tube.


The procedure is relatively uncomplicated, but occasionally problems do occur. These include bleeding or infection around the tube placement site. Rarely, damage to other organs in your abdomen may occur.

These complications are however infrequent, and the vast majority of patients will have the PEG tube inserted in a straightforward manner.

Please note that any crown or bridging work may be at risk during the procedure if your reaction is such that you clench or grind your teeth. Otherwise, your teeth are not at risk.

If you require any further information or if you would like to discuss any queries or concerns, please ask a nurse or doctor.


  • Because sedation is generally used during the procedure it is important that you do not driver or operate machinery for 12 hours after your procedure. Your expected time of stay in hospital is about three - four hours. Please arrange for someone to drive you home afterwards
  • You must contact your doctor if you suffer severe or prolonged pain or vomiting, passing of blood or high temperature
  • If you have any questions or concerns please raise these with your doctor or nurse before the procedure.

PEG Insertion Procedure - Printable Copy

To download a printable copy click here.

Payment Details

  • We advise you to apply to your insurance company for prior approval before your admission
  • Bring your health insurance prior approval letter to your appointment
  • With the exception of Southern Cross, once your account has been finalised, we will forward your invoice to your insurance company
  • If you do not have medical insurance or prior approval from your medical insurance, we will calculate an estimated total cost of your procedure and a deposit will be required on admission.  On completion of your stay your account will be processed and the amount adjusted accordingly. The total amount charged varies from patient to patient and any extra charges are to be settled on discharge.