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To our mind investing in highly skilled staff and cutting-edge technology is fundamental to exceptional patient care. In fact, it's this whole-hearted commitment to quality that continues to attract over 180 of Auckland's leading medical specialists tou our sites. Together we're able to offer an extensive range of private surgical services. These services include:

Orthopaedics     Head and Neck Surgery
General Surgery:    Ear, Nose & Throat/ORL
  - Bariatric    Vascular Surgery
  - Colorectal    Urology (including Brachytherapy)
  - Hepatobilary    Neurosurgery
  - Gastric     Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  - Oespohageal     Paediatrics
  - Pancreatic    Dentomaxillary Surgery
Gynaecology    Dental Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery      

Finding a specialist

Please use the search tool below to locate a specialist who practises at one of the MercyAscot Hospitals.

Click on the 'more information link' to view contact details and to send a message to the specialist.

Find an endoscopist

MercyAscot Endoscopy facilities at Epsom and Takapuna offer the complete range of diagnostic, complex therapeutic and palliative endoscopy procedures.

To find an Endoscopist - click here to go to the MercyAscot Endoscopy website and view their profiles.

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