Coming into Hospital 



We are admitting all patients regardless of vaccination status. If you have concerns about your booking, please contact your specialist directly.   

We follow Ministry of Health guidelines. For more information please visit their website


Testing requirements  

  • All patients are required to have a rapid antigen test on arrival and on day three of their stay.
  • If your test on arrival is positive your surgery will be deferred. Our team will support you with information about self-care at home and next steps for your surgery. 
  • If your surgery is taking place prior to 22 April, our team will be in touch with you directly to talk you through our testing requirements. 
  • These requirements are in place to help keep you, our staff, and other patients’ safe. 

Mask usage 

  • You will be required to wear a surgical mask in all public areas of the hospital. If you are wearing a cloth mask on arrival, you will be asked to change it to a surgical mask that we will provide for you.  
  • We are aware that a small number of patients may be exempt from wearing a mask. If this applies to you, please supply evidence of your exemption documentation to your specialist ahead of your admission.  

Process for being admitted  

  • If you are coming to Mercy Hospital you can be dropped off in the car parking building which can be accessed from Mountain Road. You can then enter the hospital through the main reception which is signposted from the car parking building.  
  • If you are coming to Ascot Hospital you can be dropped off in the car park outside main reception. You can then enter the hospital through the main entry.  
  • Once you get into reception you will be met by a MercyAscot staff member who will take you to the admission unit.  
  • As part of your admission process, your nurse will view your vaccine pass if you are vaccinated. All patients will be admitted regardless of their vaccination status and we only ask to see vaccine passes so that we can give you the best possible care.  
  • Your specialist will come and see you before your surgery. 

While you are in our care  

  • Your safety and wellbeing will be our top priority, and our nurses and specialists will adhere to strict hygiene and infection prevention control protocols.  
  • Free Wi-Fi is available for all patients and we encourage you to stay in touch with your loved ones using your own personal devices.  
  • Our team are here to support you and make your stay as comfortable as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them at any time.  

For patients at Mercy Hospital in Epsom  

Please be aware that building works are underway at Mercy Hospital as we prepare to build a new hospital wing. This means you may experience some noise. While we will do our best to manage the noise in patient areas, ear plugs are available if the noise becomes an issue. You are also welcome to bring noise cancelling headphones.  

Please be assured that our building contractors are adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols.  

Find out more about the building works and access current hospital maps.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For patients at Ascot Hospital in Greenlane  

Please be aware that there are some external building works underway on site that may cause some noise. Please be careful when entering and moving around the car park as there is scaffolding in place.  


Due to the high number of COVID-19 cases in the community we are currently not allowing patients to have visitors. This is to keep you, our staff, and our specialists safe and well.  

Please be assured that our staff will take very good care of you, and we have free WIFI to help you stay in touch with your loved ones. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


  • Patients under the age of 16 and those with an approved ACC carer may have a caregiver with them.  
  • All caregivers who are staying overnight will need to have a rapid antigen test on arrival at the hospital.  


While contractors, medical reps and suppliers are allowed on site at Orange we are still limiting numbers in our hospitals to help keep everyone safe. Please check in with the Facilities Manager, Hospital Manager, Procurement Manager or Hotel Services Manager before coming on site. 

  • You will be screened before you are allowed inside our hospitals.  
  • A level 2 blue face mask must be worn at all times (we can provide one on arrival if you only have a cloth mask).  
  • We ask that you maintain physical distancing and good hand hygiene practices.  

Please be aware you will not be able to enter our hospitals if the following applies:

  • You have COVID-19 symptoms  
  • You are required to self-isolate for any reason e.g. you are a household contact  


Below is information to assist you with:

  • Before admission 
  • During your stay 
  • For your return home

In addition to information about your specific procedure/operation, your surgeon's rooms will also give you a copy of our patient information booklet to read and forms to complete prior to your admission. Please ensure you: 

If you have any questions please contact:


Contact a Patient

If you would like to send an email to a patient currently staying at Mercy Hospital or Ascot Hospital, please fill in the form below.

Messages will be received by employees at Reception, printed and delivered to the patient's room with the morning mail.